Take me back home. Sun and moon has become too true in my life with a certain someone, even though I cut him out permanently. This song is just so powerful. I can remember my voice trembling, the tears rolling down my cheeks and the amount of love I could just feel. It sent chills down my spine when you could hear every single person singing along.
Above and Beyond, thank you for everything y’all do.
Porter Robinson

Is anyone else going to see Porter in Austin on the 19th? It’s a couple days after my birthday and I have been dying to see senpai. 

zeldamau5: 1,2,3,5,30,31,33,36 

1. I would name my future daughter Cire (Kai-ree), it is my deceased “older brother’s” name backwards.
2. I do miss some people
3. I would be very flattered that you think I’m pretty! c:
5. MY MUFUCKING 21ST IS WHAT I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO IN THE NEXT WEEK (well kind of next week, it’s September 8th)
30. My heart was completely shattered but it’s all better now, and I’ve met a wonderful guy that makes my heart sing
31. If I look like a hobo I most definitely wear the hood on my hoodie
33. People call me Jessica, Jess, Jessie, JT, Tingley, Tingles, etc.
36. I’m listening to Wiz’s new album 


I could go for a bowl right about now

that trash talk tee is rare as fuck tho