Anonymous: Just saying. You look incredible and it's hardly fair :P But I really have no problem with you posting more selfies 

Awe well thank you sweetheart ☺️ I wish you would come off anon!

Anonymous: You're so beautiful! post another one! :D 

Now y’all are just contradicting yourselves πŸ‘‡

Anonymous: You can't post selfies, you're too good looking 

Wait what happens if I do post more will I be in trouble?


Anon requested 🌚
Anonymous: Selfie? :D 

For sure


Types of friends that you need to reject from your life
1. People who are inconsistent in the way they treat you.
2. People who do not know how to be thankful.
3. People who make you feel like you need to impress them.
4. People who only text/call you when they need something from you.

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